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Drip Feed


Did a bit more tweaking of the Yahoo Pipe construct that puts the FlagIT blog and Twitter feed together onto the Reboot IT blog.  The output now combines the two feeds in a chronological order.

One thing I have noticed is that it takes quite a while to actually refresh the RSS feed it produces.  I’ve watched the lag in the time it takes Yahoo Pipe to refresh the feed even though the debugger view seems to pick up the change straight away.  Additionally the WordPress widget to pull in the RSS feed seems to take a little while to update.  I’m guessing that they’re both on a cycle and that they can end up significantly out of phase so it may take some time to see the feed update on occasion.


Micro-blog Integrated with Twitter


This is the first post in the Flag IT blog.  This blog is a micro-blog for my main blog Reboot IT.  The entries from this micro-blog are fed into the Reboot IT Twitter Feed via the use of a Yahoo Pipe aggregation.

Assuming this all fits together as I expect Reboot IT’s micro blog RSS feed should receive my Twitter posts along with these Flag IT posts.