An Improved Template System for Evernote


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  1. […] Creating a Daily Journal in Evernote 15/03/2010 Building on yesterday’s post on an improved template system for Evernote I’d like to share with you how I use a variation on this system to create a daily journal […]

  2. Is there any way do recreate any portion of this in Mac OS X? I have access to windows via VMWare, but obviously not using it universally. I have not invoked Teh Google, but thought you might have some pointers (e.g. impossible, requires some work, already been done by some guy named Fred…)

    • Okay, I spoke too soon. I found a reference to the applescript information that you had in an earlier post. Thx, Ed

      • I’m hoping that an imminent Macbook related announcement might change things. Whilst I do have a Mac Mini it runs as my media centre and I don’t do much with it beyond that. However I do have some ideas about streamlining some of my workflows using Automator and AppleScript. I don’t know how to use either yet, but if I do manage to lay my hands on a Macbook in the near future I’ll be working out an equivalent script and posting details about that too.

        That being said, Phil Libin did answer a question on the Evernote Blog the other day about templates …

        “We’re looking into adding template support through the API. The idea is to have many third-party templates available soon.” – Phil Libin, Evernote CEO

        So that sounds very interesting and promising!

  3. Also, you probably know this, but you can use “setlocal” to avoid having to cleanup variables in windows batch files.

    • Good tip.

      I was just hacking this together based on a previous script and trying to make it simpler and neater than my original one, so in hindsight adding a SETLOCAL would streamline things nicely.

  4. Nice post. However, I can’t seem to get it working. I have everything installed, and I modified the batch script for my configuration, but when I run the script using PS Menu nothing happens. Any idea why?

    Here’s how I currently manage templates in Evernote. First, I create the template within Evernote, then export the note to an “Evernote Templates” folder on my computer. You can modify the ENEX file using Notepad as you mentioned above. When I need to use the template, I simply use the import function from Evernote’s file menu and import the note/template back into Evernote.

    The only problem with this system is that Evernote imports the templates into a notebook called “Imported Notes” and not into my default notebook.

    • Without knowing more about what you’ve got set-up I’m not sure how much I can help … but I’ll try 😉

      The first thing is does the script actually work for you standalone – without using PSMENU? Try running the batch file directly from a command prompt and see if it throws up any errors and if the new note gets created. If it doesn’t then you know that the issue is in the script rather than with what you’ve set up in PSMENU (or vice versa if it does work).

      If it is in the script, double check what you have set for the three variables – ENScriptLocation, EvernoteDatabaseLocation and DefaultNotebook (note that the example for the latter contains an underscore because my notebook title begins with an underscore).

      You might also try running it with the @echo off and the last three lines commented out (using REM). This might help you debug if there’s a particular command that’s having an issue.

      If the issue is not in the script just double check your application entry in PSMENU. Try popping another batch file in the same folder, calling it something similar and putting just an ‘ECHO “Hello World”‘ and “PAUSE” in it to see if this can be called successfully.

      Hopefully that will help. I’m using it pretty much daily so I’m reasonably confident the script should work, but there’s always a possibility that there’s a typo crept into it on posting.

      Does anyone else have any problems with this set-up?

      • It was definitely a problem with the script, not PS Menu. I tried running the script by itself, and it wouldn’t work on my PC. Anyway, I ended up rewriting the script (mind you I don’t know a thing about programming), and now it’s working. I also set up a keyboard shortcut using AutoHotKey that runs the script and imports the template into my default Evernote notebook so I don’t need to use PS Menu.

        Here’s the script I wrote:

        @echo off

        Set ENScriptLocation=”Program Files\Evernote\Evernote3.5″
        Set EvernoteDatabase=”C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\evernotedatabase.exb”
        Set TemplateFile=”C:\Users\User Name\Desktop\Evernote Templates\GTD Project Template.enex”
        Set Notebook=”1. Inbox”

        ENScript ImportNotes /s %TemplateFile% /n %Notebook% /d %EvernoteDatabase%


        The only problem with this script is that you need a new batch file for every template. I only have a few templates that I use, so it’s not a big deal for me.

      • Sorry about the spacing in the script. Not sure why that happened. Anyway, I’m sure you get the idea. Cheers.

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