My Wish List for Apple iPhone OS 4.0


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  1. I would like to add to that list push notifications from the system and not just over the net.

  2. I would like to see profiles added to the iPhone. I know many people that use their phone for work and personal use, myself included. It turns out that one e-mail signature won’t fit all occasions. Additionally I’d like the GPS feature to be integrated to provide automated profile switching. For instance, If I’m at work turn off show my caller ID, use this e-mail signature, and disable bluetooth and wifi to save battery life. But now I’m at home so enable wifi and bluetooth (auto connect to my computer and lan) turn my caller ID back on and use this other e-mail signature and default mail service. Half my interaction with the phone is to change settings biased on where I am and what I’m doing.

  3. in your dreams..

    • … yeah. That’s what a wish list is isn’t it?

      It wasn’t a guess as to what might have been included – just what I would like to have seen included. In any case the OS 4 preview was released back on the 8th of April. See http://www.apple.com/iphone/preview-iphone-os/ for details.

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