A New Year’s Resolution for Evernote – More Tags and Less Notebooks


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by RebootIT, Ryunosuke. Ryunosuke said: RT @rebootit Maybe you have too many notebooks in #Evernote and not enough tags? See http://bit.ly/7ErF0M […]

  2. […] into collections (e.g. folders) or have sections/sub-notebooks.  Recently I posted about why in many cases it is often better to use tags rather than notebooks as this allows you to better mark-up notes for searches and the like.  However there is a desire […]

  3. When I started using Evernote I made a notebook for everything. Thing one day the light bulb went off and I realized making so many notebooks was dumb and converted everything to tags. Now I only keep my plans for projects in a single notebook and everything else is tagged.

  4. […] doing this you should really reconsider how your using notebooks and look more at how you use tags effectively.  In this case the note will end up in whichever notebook is specified first.  The title of the […]

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