A Flexible Progress Window in VBScript


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  1. […] script then calculates how many folders to create and starts to process them.  I’ve used my generic progress window to show what file is being moved and how far through the process the script […]

  2. Great!

  3. I am getting an error trying to run the script. I copied the entire script into a test.vbs file. When I run it I get;

    Line: 102
    Char: 2
    Error: Object required: ‘objProgress.Document.All(…)

    I have made no changes to the code posted.

    • Matt.

      It looks like it’s an issue with the Syntax Highlighter plugin on WordPress. I’m sure it used to be okay…?

      I’ve tried a few things to sort it out so that when you use the copy and paste function it wioll just work. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck 😦

      However I can tell you what to do. I’ve amended the script slightly to make it easier. On line 71 I’ve split out what should be the HTML code for a less than symbol “<” (just in case this shows up as HTML in the comment this should be an ampersand followed by an l, a t and then a semi colon). Just replace this with a less than symbol “<".

      I've tried this out and it seems to sort the issue. Thanks for flagging it up and if you still have any problems let me know.

  4. If you use the “view source” option you get a cleaner copy than it you use the “copy to clipboard” option. I still had to fix line 71 but even that did not correct the error I reported. What I had to do to fix the issue was move the “Dim objProgress” to the top of the script so that it is a global variable. Once I did that, all was good. I am running XP Pro SP3, so maybe the object isolation was made more stringent in WSH-VBS.

    Thanks for sharing this code, it does exactly what I need. I have tried to use the MSAGENT and tried to find a way to use the taskbar bubbles. I only wish there was a way to do it without using IE.

    • I’ve tried it on Win XP SP2 and Win 7 and not had to move the DIM. I’ll maybe have a look in the next few days to see if there’s a reason with SP3.

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