VBScript – Select a Folder


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  2. […] to produce more than 100 PDFs meant that a little help could come in handy.   Making use of the select folder VBScript I refined a little while ago, I created a generic VBScript to take a folder selection from a user […]

  3. This code doesn’t seem to work.

    • I’ve tested and used this code many times and whilst I’m sure I could find ways to improve it, it does work for me.

      The main code is just a couple of functions. Have you tried calling the first function? There is an example line of code utilising a MsgBox call of this function at the end of the post.

      If you can provide a bit more detail about what is actually happening and what you see (or don’t), I might be able to help further.

  4. […] 3. VBScript – Select a Folder […]

  5. Dude, the code works great. it is just a matter of correctly calling the right function.

    The programming is flawless!!!


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